Give Your Child The Best Gift – Ignite The Passion For Lifelong Learning

“Shinning Scholars” (S2) is a joyful educational enrichment program that introduces the tools and techniques for effective learning. For most of students, regular college and school studies are not exciting or stimulating. Most children will prefer to watch TV or play out instead of studying. A large majority of students have problems such as:

Lack of concentration and focus.
Cannot write whatever they have learned.
Slow learning.
Less interest in studies.
Feeling bored and tired with studies.
Less marks in particular subject such as Maths, Science or History.

Shinning Scholars (S2) is a one-day workshop that ignites the student's natural desire and interest in studies. S2 Participants experience natural and enhanced passion for learning and excelling in whatever they have learned.

The Key Benefits of S2 are:
Each child creates clear vision and future.
Higher marks in studies.
Strong respect for teachers and education.
Clear sense of future and direction.
Greater understanding of how education will impact the life.
Playful and effortless learning.
Natural commitment to lifelong learning and development

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